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A little about me: My name is Kelsey and I am a stay-at-home mom. I like to decorate cakes on the side and like to explore the area of homeopathy to help my own family be more independent and healthy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Real Daisies Cake

This cake was for a client I recently had. It was her mother's wedding cake.

This cake is a 14-10-6 and fed 128 people. It had buttercream frosting and real daisies on top. It was chocolate and vanilla with a raspberry filling--which all the guests just loved! I was so glad she liked her cake!

My brother's wedding cake

My brother wasn't picky at all! They weren't even going to have a cake except I wanted to do it as a gift. So I made them a small 2 layer cake (which was red velvet too! I wish I got a picture of it cut into!)

This cake had a buttercream frosting and fondant roses. It was a 10-6 and fed 50 people.

My sister's wedding cake

This cake was done quite awhile ago. It was one of my first really big projects! She loved dragons so we put one of her models on the top.

This was a 14-10-6 cake and fed 128 people. It had buttercream frosting with royal icing daisies. Very simple but very beautiful.